Nationwide leads the way in using mutuality to build a sense of citizenship

The launch of the Living On Your Side initiative in November 2012

When it comes to inspiring members and employees to get involved, Nationwide is leading the way.  In 2013, the mutual financial provider achieved Platinum status in the Business in the Community Corporate Responsibility Index.  It has achieved a clutch of other accolades for its formidable track record in the wider community with a series of […]


Coventry co-operative focuses on community in time of need

Community leaders in Coventry have welcomed an initiative offering funerals customised for Asian families. The Heart of England Co-operative now plans over 100 funerals a year for the Sikh and Hindu population – and is ensuring its services are increasingly geared towards its communities. Its Co-operative Funeralcare branch in Foleshill has a team of specialist […]


Music mogul’s journey from rock and roll to a Fairtrade revolution

Revolver hopes its Fairtrade products will help change the coffee industry

Music mogul Paul Birch earned his place in music history in 1979, when he founded indie label Revolver Records, which has more than 3,500 albums in its back catalogue and notched up a series of famous signings, including Manchester legends the Stone Roses.  Now, its co-operatively run sister company has a fast-growing range of Fairtrade coffee, […]


Scotmid: Scotland’s largest independent

In August, Scotmid and Penrith merged. At the confirmation meeting for Scotmid were John Dalley (Chief Financial Officer), Malcolm Brown (Head of Corporate Communications), John Brodie (Chief Executive Officer) and Harry Cairney (Acting President)

Scotland’s largest independent society is looking forward to the future with exciting plans for expansion. Scotmid Co-operative currently employs nearly 5,000 staff in 350 retail and service outlets across Scotland, with branches in Northern Ireland and the north of England.


Changes in the law can help the movement to grow


Co-operatives need capital if they are to grow in a world where their vision is needed more than ever. Since the global financial crisis, there is a widespread consensus that attitudes have changed and people are ready to consider business options that put human need above human greed.